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The FMCSA Clearinghouse is a secure online database that contains information about CDL holders’ drug and alcohol program violations, such as positive drug or alcohol test results, refusals to take a test, and completion of the return-to-duty process. The Clearinghouse was established to improve safety on the nation’s highways by identifying drivers who have violated drug and alcohol testing regulations and preventing them from operating commercial motor vehicles.

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At Wellness Heights OccMed Services, we provide Clearinghouse Registration that is quick and efficient. Employers, medical examiners, and C/TPAs who are responsible for the drug and alcohol testing of CDL holders are required to register with the Clearinghouse in order to access this information. This registration process involves creating a user account, providing information about the organization, and verifying the identity of the person registering. We offer convenient hours and Saturday appointment times open to fit your schedule.

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Clearinghouse Registration for OccMed

Why should you become registered with the FMCSA Clearinghouse?
  • Compliance: If you’re an employer, medical examiner, or C/TPA responsible for the drug and alcohol testing of CDL holders, registering with the FMCSA Clearinghouse is mandatory. Failure to register could result in fines or other penalties.

  • Safety: The Clearinghouse was established to improve safety on the nation’s highways by identifying drivers who have violated drug and alcohol testing regulations. By accessing this information through the Clearinghouse, employers and medical examiners can help ensure that CDL holders who have violated these regulations are prevented from operating commercial motor vehicles until they have completed the required return-to-duty process.

  • Efficiency: The Clearinghouse provides a centralized database of information on CDL holders’ drug and alcohol program violations. By registering with the Clearinghouse, employers and medical examiners can access this information quickly and easily, without having to contact multiple previous employers or testing facilities. This can help streamline the hiring and medical examination processes, saving time and resources.

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Great experience! Very friendly and professional. Did not have to wait, I set an appointment in advance. Received my DOT physical medical card quickly. I would recommend 100%
J.T. Lambert
Nikki was awesome! I have white coat syndrome bad. She was so easy going, I was totally relaxed. I have had many many DOT physicals and this was by far my best experience in 61 years! Thank You!
Dale F
Dr. Nicole amount many other staff member are very thorough and really care about the patients. The staff is great, always willing to go above and beyond to make the patient comfortable! Will definitely be back again (:
Nadia Ayala
The team at Wellness Heights is professional and made the whole process painless. I was in and out in no time and at a fraction of the cost. DOT compliance was never so easy!
K2K Properties
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